Grow your business & generate leads!

Saturday, November 18th, 2023

11:00am - 2:00pm


2310 Columbia Circle

Merrimack, NH 03054



Want to know how to get HOT leads...for Free?

We've built MULTIPLE 7-figure businesses, both online AND brick & mortar...with ZERO ad spend...and using only FREE tactics that we will share with you!

  • Learn how to grow your business with organic marketing

  • Identify & target your IDEAL client

  • Learn how to get hot leads for free

  • Use online marketing to fill your pipeline and create a recession-proof business

  • Create content to authentically reach your audience & build rapport

  • Close clients with ease (because they come to you ready to buy)

  • Network with other local small business owners

  • Enjoy food & beverages, on us!


This is your opportunity to...

  • Build a network to grow reach & engagement

  • Become part of a community of like-minded individuals

  • Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition

Kris Whitehead is the Founder of Iconic Alliance - a whole life & business coaching program designed to help business owners & entrepreneurs excel in every area of their lives. He believes a holistic approach to coaching, one that encompasses every aspect of a person’s life, is the best way to help his clients build successful & sustainable businesses.

Kris is an expert in organic marketing, with over a decade of experience in growing businesses in the online space. He is also the Owner/CEO of a 7-figure design and renovation company, New England Custom Remodeling, as well as a Best-Selling author and Host of the Build An Iconic Life Podcast.

Over the last 25 years, Kris has grown 5 successful businesses of his own, including: 2 renovation & design companies, real estate investing ventures, & several profitable online businesses. He was also the Director of Executive Coaching for an online coaching & development company that he helped build to 8-figures.

Kris has now brought all of that experience & knowledge, along with over 25 years as a business owner in multiple industries, to the Iconic Alliance program.

His goal is to help YOU win…at business, at relationships, and life!

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